What is a Portaprojector?


There’s a lot of bewildering terminology out there–and thus a lot of confusion–regarding this new mobile electronic device.  What we here choose to refer to as a portaprojector, goes by many other names: pocket projector, pico projector, micro projector, nano projector, cell phone projector, iPhone projector, iPod projector, etc.

This diversity of names simply reflects the newness of this class of devices, and thus the lack of consensus among manufacturers and buyers.  But make no mistake, all of these appellations refer to various formulations of the same basic idea: a portable, pocketable video projector; a device of a thousand uses, from travelling business presentations to dorm room theaters.

Portaprojectors are still very new to the market.  As time passes and they are more widely adopted, a definitive name for the product class may emerge.  But Portaprojector.com will remain your definitive source for news and reviews on these fantastic little devices.

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