SHOWWX Laser Pico Projector from Microvision


The SHOWWX Laser Pico Projector from Microvision is one of the newer laser-based portaprojectors shown at this years Consumer Electronics Show trade show.

A pocket-size laser projector and a set-top box which delivers Web content to your television were named among the best products in an annual competition as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) prepared to wrap up here on Sunday.

The SHOWWX Laser Pico Projector from Microvision won the online vote and the D-Link Boxee Box won by audience acclamation in the contest called “Last Gadget Standing” sponsored by Living in Digital Times and NetShelter Technology Media.

The SHOWWX projector, which is about the size of a pack of cards, uses lasers to provide a high-quality wide-screen image on any surface.

It can connect to a mobile phone, portable media player or computer and is to go on sale later this year for 500 dollars.

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